May 6, 1998

I can’t imagine a place on any beach in the world lovelier than the Oregon Coast on the day we strolled from Gov. Patterson State Park (no fee) by Waldport to Yachats. The sand is returning after El Nino carried so much away and we could enjoy this beautiful day to the fullest walking on fine, firm, clean sand, crossing a number of streams getting wet feet, and finding agates. Just north of Staff Creek the ancient trees are still visible in the exposed rock … but probably not for long. We enjoyed the 804 trail on the last stretch, grateful it is there for us, thanks to concerned and dedicated people of the past and present. Hikers were Elaine & Richard Barrar, Wendy Clarke, Dallas Cole, Liz DeShetler, Barb Elsen, Mary Millman, Lucille Peterson, Dick & Lucy Rayle, Velma & Mike Shirk, Gene Thaxton, Ivan Vandeberg and Birgitte Williams (leader).

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