Hardesty Mountain

March 25, 1998

As we left East Springfield the high clouds were beginning to dissipate and we anticipated a beautiful, sunny day. We were the first to venture up the muddy trail towards the overgrown lookout site on top of Hardesty Mountain. The lush and varying shades of green were upon us immediately. The ferns, a few wild flowers and wild huckleberry provided an under covering for the tall firs as we began the steep climb. After crossing the old access road we began a series of switchbacks that soon afforded us the sounds of mating grouse and a scattering of the delicate lady slippers. There were other types of chirping birds as we were in and out of thick woods and then brief open areas where we caught glimpses of Lookout Reservoir. The last thousand or so feet we encountered snow which closer to the top was fresh and covered the ground where there were no trees to prevent its fall. Whereas, while we were under the mantle of the trees it was as if there were unseen urchins in the trees flinging snowballs and bits of snow down on us! We reached the top to find an open and dry area to enjoy the snowy view and enjoy our lunch. The trip down seemed very steep and slippery. We made several stops for George or Margaret to identify the dainty and lovely wild flowers. We all enjoyed each other’s company and hope to join up again soon for another adventure after Bill’s knees recover from the steep down grade. Hikers were George Baitinger, Ellie Maliner, Bill & Margaret Prentice, Linda Young and Gerry Roe (trip leader).

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