Reuls Hike “The Scented Isle”

November 20, 1998

Chuck and Sandy Reul showed slides of their “village to village” hikes in Corsica to a very well attended (in spite of the stormy night) November 20 Potluck at the Lodge.

Their hiking trails traversed rugged mountains, forests and scrubland. The dense undergrowth of the latter harbors a wide variety of flowers and herbs that contribute to an unforgettable scent. Napoleon Bonaparte (the island’s most famous native son) always maintained: “I would recognize Corsica with my eyes closed, from the scent alone”. The Reuls’ itinerary varied from treks over 6000-7000-ft. passes to touchdowns at spectacular Mediterranean beaches. Cold and pure streams in the mountains made for invigorating dips. Accommodations were good, as was the wine and bread (all that one needs is a good “thou”). Fine food was enjoyed in general (no McDonalds) that included great Corsican pizza and chestnut pie, pudding and beer!

Chuck and Sandy used and highly recommend the services of the British walking companies EXPLORE or EXODUS. Besides the good service, the cost is one-half to one-third that of USA companies! Toll-free phone numbers for USA representatives are: EXPLORE 800-227-8747; EXODUS 800-465-5600. A good, up-to-date travel guide to Corsica (which includes many color photographs and historical background) is “Insight Guides Corsica”.

Bep Fontana

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