Al Le Page: “The West Coast Trail”

April 24, 1998

The executive director of the National Coast Trail Assn., Al Le Page, introduced the program at the April 24 Potluck at the Lodge with a reading from Homer’s epic poem, Odyssey. His trek in 1992 of the 200 miles of the Washington coast and then two years ago of the 1,800 miles of the Oregon and California coasts, like that of Odysseus, was filled with notable experiences . . . and some hardships!

The diverse terrain spans that of true wilderness to that of the metropolitan “jungles”. There are some formidable river and tidal barriers to contend with.

Al’s slide show, seasoned with original songs and poetry, was first-rate.

The goal of the N.C.T.A. is to preserve and improve public access and natural resources along the entire West Coast. Ever the dreamer, Al envisions in the distant future a trail around the entire perimeter of the United States!

The 700-member N.C.T.A. can use our help. A $24 (tax deductible) regular membership application can be mailed to 514 N.E. 34th Ave., Portland 97211. A good start was made by the potluck attendees with generous contributions made toward the purchase of a special (and expensive) trail working tool.

Bep Fontana

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