The Islands of Polynesia

February 27, 1998

David Roderick gave a taste of the easy life, Polynesian style, to another full house of Obsidians at the February Potluck. However, in the 3,000-mile span from the Cook Islands to Easter Island the life style and the terrain on different islands can differ from the Paul Gauguin inspired stereotypes of only palm shaded beaches and scantily clad natives. There is even some good hiking to be done!

A visitor can experience (as David has) being virtually adopted by the Polynesians and taking part in day-to-day village activities. It also appears that Hillary Clinton’s credo “It Takes a Village . . .”, pertaining to raising children, must have been inspired by the Polynesians.

But in spite of his experiencing the good life, Polynesian style, David (unlike Gauguin) did return home to Oregon. That may say something about the quality of life in Oregon.

Bep Fontana

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