North Sister

August 23, 1998

Rich Anselmo said there would be thunderstorms Saturday night but would clear by Sunday early. The Sunday clear part of that forecast was enough encouragement for a “Go” for this group. Climbers left Thurston’s Albertson’s parking lot at 9:00 am Saturday and had a hearty breakfast at the Rustic Skillet restaurant. We left the Obsidian Trailhead at 12:00 noon for our camp site at Arrowhead Lake. We set up camp and by early evening the clouds were rolling in right on schedule. We were treated to lightning, thunder and rain until 2:00 am.

Wake-up time was 3:00, when we were greeted with heavy fog and zero visibility. By compass we reached Collier Glacier by first light when the fog began to clear for beautiful clear weather for the day. By mid-morning we reached the Dinner Plate, which was frozen and treacherous and difficult to drive pickets into, but an adequate stationary line was eventually set on the traverse and the chute, and all climbers summited and had lunch in beautiful blue sky and sunshine. Our descent was later than we had hoped for and therefor rock fall was a problem, but all returned safely to camp.

This climb was particularly satisfying for my lovely wife Judy by qualifying her for her Three Sisters award and also her Ten Peaks award. Our six climbers were John Pegg, who I can't say enough about his guidance and calm demeanor, Doug Nelson, our belay man who is always a pleasure to climb with, Peggy Mathes, Dick Snyder, and Judy & Larry Smith (leader).

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