South Sister (Old Crater route)

August 22-23, 1998

During the hike to Oregon Lakes, I noticed it was getting very black to the south-east — a bad sign. We made camp in a big rush, and just finished when all hell broke loose. Heavy rain, lightning, the works. Sunday, the weather was perfect. I lead this route last year and was again reminded why no one ever goes up this way: long hours of scree with no trails to pack it down, plus an ugly rappel on the old crater rim. However, this is an interesting route with several gendarmes en route and a fantastic view into the old crater. Some party difficulties stretched the time up to about 7 hours. Lots of snow made for an easy trip down. Climbers were Greg Milliman, Ron Thompson Jr. (Ron Thompson Sr. did not climb) and Ed Lovegren, leader.

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