Industrial Tour

July 20, 1998

We traveled the Peoria Road to Corvallis and stopped for coffee and cookies at Helmick State Park. Then on to Dallas for a tour of Praegitzer Industries, manufacturers of printed circuit boards, all hi-tech and state of the art. Seven hundred and fifty workers are employed in Dallas, with about 2000 employees at six plants, including one in Malaysia and one in Israel. Probably none of us absorbed much of the technical processes, but it was a most fascinating tour indeed. President Bob Praegitzer, a local boy who has been very successful, is an avid collector of Western art and sculpture, which are displayed throughout the company’s offices and hallways. And the highlight was our privilege to view his large private office where exceptionally superb works of art are displayed. After a leisurely lunch at the beautiful City Park at 1:00 p.m. we began a lengthy tour of the sawmill and plywood plants operated by Willamette Industries. Retired sawmill workers served as volunteer guides. Low-tech compared to Praegitzer, but computers and automation have come to wood products as well. In warm but pleasant weather Don Moorehead of Oregon Coachways returned us to Eugene by 5:30.

Riders were: Ethel Allen, Ewart Baldwin, Marian Borchardt, Clair Cooley, William Eaton, Bette Hack, Dora Harris, Evelyn Hile, Rosella Jones, Dodie Leppmann, Grace Miller, Frances Newsom, Virginia Prouty, Liz Reanier, Kathleen Schlenker, Gene Thaxton and Ray Jensen (leader).

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