Applegate Homestead

July 9, 1998

Left Valley River footbridge at 0800. Drove to Glenwood to location of local organ builder John Brumbaugh. Built big organ at Eugene Lutheran Church. Great sight and story of how they are built. Left at 0900, went by Franklin Blvd. to 1-5 at LCC exit. Potty stop at Saginaw pit stop (15 miles) at 0845. Left at 0900, stopped in Drain at City Hall/Library for potty stop and old covered bridge. Arrived at the Homestead in Yoncalla via Hero Road and Old Applegate Road by 1000. Rex’s daughter Shannon (author) to be tour guide. First comment was that Rex was in San Diego for a speech, but hit by heart attack and stroke and later pneumonia. Lecture outside for whole group and half group to eat lunch and/or walk around while other half inside. Lunch in the yard, picnic tables. House toilet avoided, as in trouble. Left at 1330 for Roseburg and Douglas County Museum. Group divided into thirds — three great guides, extensive historical and natural history displays. Weather outside quite warm. Too much walking for some. Exit 123. Left museum at 1530, with pit stop at Rice Hill for usual ice cream. Arrived back at Valley River by 1730.

Riders were: Ethel Allen, Mabel Armstrong, Ewart Baldwin, Ruth Buhler, Clair Cooley, Ingrid Carmichael, Marguerite Dawson, Florence Douglas, Rose Mary Elter, Clarene Hample, Dora Harris, Elizabeth Haralson, Benjamin & Patricia Jeffries, Jean Jensen, Connie McIndeo, Jane Mitchell, Elizabeth Reanier, Alice Sacks, Rebecca Schneider, Elva Sherck, Bobbye Sorrels, Janet Speelman. Sofe & Stepheny Steward, Ed Sullivan, Mildred Weatherby and leaders Bill Eaton & Ray Jensen.

In Memoriam

The By-Ways by Bus Committee has heard, with regret, of the passing of Colonel Rex Applegate, direct descendant and senior head of the original Applegate family. He was in San Diego to give a professional talk to police officers, when he was struck by both a heart attack and stroke, followed by pneumonia. The result is not uncommon for a man of 84.

Rex was well known to us for his guiding of our Obsidian trips at the Applegate Homestead over the last 12 to 14 years. He also was well recognized in military and police circles.

Tours of the old homestead will not be the same without the gruff “old boy”. We are assured that a foundation has been set up to preserve the homestead as a unique example of early Oregon family history.

It is complete as originally built in 1855 with an existing “twoholer” out back. Rex’s only improvements were a new foundation and inside toilet. First thing it should have is a sprinkler system, to save this early example of early settlers in Oregon. It is truly one of a kind!

Some of us will long remember his references to the old trees in the yard, and who each of his ancestors is represented thereby, as well as many of the old articles inside.

&mdash Bll Eaton (with great help from Ingrid Carmichael & Ethel Allen)

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