Crater Butte

May 4, 1997

Again this year there was a snow drift at the Pioneer Ridge trailhead even though the trip was two weeks later than last year. So we had the trudge up the road to the turn where the stream from Marie Lake crosses it. Skiing at bearing 85 degrees keeping left of the stream we mounted the headwall and came out into the beautiful, open flat area 200 yards or so north of Marie Lake with the great view of the south end of Diamond Peak. Since all of us had been up Crater Butte on numerous occasions, we decided to see if a ski climb up Diamond Peak might be feasible from this direction. We found that the steeper places could easily be avoided and made our way to the 7,000-ft. level before time and laziness brought us to a halt. After a second lunch, we messed around traversing back and forth for a while, saw that the remaining climb would be easy with a somewhat earlier start, then headed down. Enjoying this outing were David Doucet, Dick Hildreth, Boz Van Houten and John Mowat, leader.

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