Indian Ridge Lookout

March 22, 1997

Indian Ridge Lookout is just west of the French Pete area of the Three Sisters Wilderness. At 5400 ft., the summit catches plenty of snow. Our tour began at 3500 ft., where snow forced us to park our cars. We were able to ski from the cars, but found a few melted out sections below 4000 ft. Above 4000 ft. we found deep snow that was still hard and icy in the shadows. Our group climbed for several hours without any complaints, perhaps because of our views, which improved as we climbed. We had lunch on the summit and identified the summits of Mt. Hood, Diamond Peak, Paulina Peak, and Mary's Peak. The Cascade peaks were spread out in front of us. After lunch, Susan and Josh enjoyed carving Telemark turns down the steep, east face of Indian Peak. The rest of our group enjoyed long glides back down the road to the cars. Enjoying a perfect spring day of skiing (and back in Eugene by dinnertime) were Jim & Melody Clarkson, Joshua Ladau, Lyndell Wilken, Anne Dhu McLucas, Bob Lemon, Mary Schreiber, Mari Baldwin, Susan Sullivan and Brian Hoyland (leader).

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