Three Creek Lake

March 16, 1997

At 7 a.m. we left the warm, late winter rains of Eugene for the higher elevations, in search of unmelted snow. Though there was no snow on the roads — right up to the Three Creek Lake Nordic parking lot — there seemed to be plenty on the ski trails. Our small but ambitious foursome was undaunted by the overcast skies and occasional light drizzle. In fact, we not only skied the 6½ miles to the Lake, but skied another 8¼ miles back via the beautiful Snow Creek Trail, making a nearly 15-mile day! And the wet snow wasn’t exactly a very fast surface. We lunched briefly at the Lake where snow pellets were being hurled at us by the usual lakeside hurricane force winds. The whole day we saw only five snowmobilers three of whom were Forest Service people. It’s interesting how much quieter the Forest Service snowmobilers are, even though the machines themselves are identical to the others. I think it has something to do with velocity — in other words the Forest Service doesn’t feel the need to constantly test the upper speed capabilities of their machines. They can’t be real men, can they? And we saw only one other skier and his energetic Black Labrador. Amazing how gray skies and a little rain keep the crowds away! Joining me (Bill Montgomery) were Matt Bryant, David Gizara and Mike Landes.

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