Berley Lakes

March 16, 1997

The Berley Lakes ski trip, ’97 edition, didn’t quite make the “Trip from Hell” category, but did involve a minor mishap or two. One member of the trip brought skating race skis and turned back to train at HooDoo after floundering awhile in the snow. Another, late for her intended trip, joined her group “by mistake” though at the time it probably seemed like a good idea. The leader missed the deeply buried trail and was late in switching to a compass course. In short, we never quite made it to Berley Lakes. At lunch there was a general feeling that further exploration might lack some of its usual joys in the heavy downpour, so we turned back. On the ride home one of us came down with a case of violent intestinal flu, but after several stops we made it back safely to Eugene. “Enjoying” this fiasco were John Hegg, Bob Howarth, Dick Hildreth, Kris Kennedy, Paul Reilly and John Mowat (leader).

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