Eel Creek

November 16, 1997

The only trip I led in ’97 turned out to be a first for me. We left Eugene in overcast skies and fog, traveling along Hwy. 38. We had some promising clearing and sun. By the time we stopped at Arlene’s and Dean Creek and arrived at the coast the clearing vanished and the clouds returned. It rained all the way out to the beach; we ate lunch in the rain and we hiked back to the cars in the rain. I’ve led this trip in bad weather conditions but never in such a continuous downpour! Everyone was good natured about wading through four inches of mud. We took the first trail out to the beach. Standing in the rain for 45 minutes made Mo’s in Florence sound better and better. So in short order we hiked back and headed north. Hiking in the rain were Becky Hanson, Rita Johnson, Helen Liguori, Margaret Malsch, Sig Otto, Lu Peterson, Velma Shirk, Art & Glade Skach, Gene Thaxton, Clarence Townsend, Clara Tucker, Sheila Ward and trip leader Jane Hackett.

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