Wildwood Falls

October 11, 1997

Bob Devine led a contingent from Eugene and some came directly to the meeting place at 6-mile post on Row River Road. At that location is an access to the newly paved Row River Trail which can be used by hikers, bicyclists, horses and pedestrians. We took to the trail about 10 a.m. under cloudy skies. It wasn’t long before the sky decided to shed some moisture. The ride along the new trail is very pretty and the rain did not dampen our enjoyment. After a pause to admire the falls we went on to Rujada campground, which is situated along a creek. We found the campground still officially open, which is usually not the case this time of year. We had our lunch on benches under a small shelter, otherwise we would have had a soggy lunch. Just after lunch Bob had a flat and the heavens took pity on us and ceased its downpouring for a spell. Then we splashed our way back to the start. Enjoying the ride were Jan & Rich Anselmo, Gayle Berge, Bob Devine, Carol Houde, Robert Moffitt, Ruby Seitz and leader Shirley Froyd.

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