Jeff Park

September 5-7, 1997

Outstanding, stupendous! This somewhat describes the fifth Annual (and final) “WIMP” backpack into Jeff Park as led by the team of Elsen/Ritchie. [WIMP: Something easier than Dick Moffitt’s adventures!] The Park was really lovely this year. After a cloudy then foggy cold first night, Saturday dawned in bright sunlight. People came out of their tents and saw for the first time the mountain sitting in their laps and were awestruck by the beauty. Seven of us hiked up to the top of Park Ridge. On the way we encountered two young men with snowboards on their backs heading down into the Park and up the mountain for one ultimate run down a snow field on the N.W. side — then back across the Park, up the ridge to their camp somewhere to the north. That’s real dedication! We didn’t witness their downhill run, but saw their tracks from the top to the scree at the bottom. We ate lunch, with Art sharing fantastic homegrown tomatoes and “Vitamin C” (chocolate in Vit. C. bottle). Next came an easy bushwhack down to Sprague Lake which was almost filled with snow 5-ft. high. Bob and Carol went swimming, briefly. You could probably hear Bob’s yell in Eugene! There were more wildflowers this year, more snowpack, more water gushing from the spring, more sign of bear scat on the trail, every tarn was brim full of water and the huckleberries were larger than this person has ever seen! Oh, yes: No rain or mosquitoes for the fifth year in a row! Barb and I want to thank all the Obsidians who have joined us on all of our past adventures into Jeff Park. Non-members were Bob Foster, Ruth Kanagy, Carolyn Moranek, Art Skach, Carol Stern, and Laurel & Pat Worden. Obsidians were Joyce Baker and leaders Barb Elsen and Sharon Ritchie.

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