Matthieu Lakes

August 16, 1997

The leader dedicated this trip to the memory of Parker Riddle, whose ashes were scattered at South Matthieu Lake about a year ago. Those of us who had known Parker reminisced some about him, and I for one thought about him myself. The trip, scheduled to leave at 8:30, was delayed for a few minutes as the leader had trouble counting to twelve (the group limit). However, we left on a near perfect day. Sunshine but some haze with temperature climbing to the high 70s or low 80s (in Eugene it made it to 90°+!). The haze was almost gone as we started hiking along the very dry and dusty Pacific Crest Trail. This congenial group moved right along until we started to get views of the big peaks. Then it was picture taking time. Then it was picture taking time again, and so on. On our way in to the south lake, we gazed at Mt. Hood, Mt. Jefferson, Three-Fingered Jack, Mt. Washington, North Sister, Middle Sister and others. It was magnificent. We stopped at the south lake for about an hour where we had lunch and some of us tested the water with our toes … but no one took the plunge! We returned via the same route and so only looked down on North Matthieu Lake from the trail. Hiking nonmembers were: Ruth Kangy, Pat & Dan Boleyn, Jim Averill, Herb Whitman and Marilyn Marcus. Obsidians were: Virginia Prouty, Cheryl Berry, Nola Shurtleff, Max Brown, Genie Currier and Leader Walt Davis. Does that add up to twelve?!

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