Threemile Lake

August 9, 1997

Our hike was lightly subscribed, perhaps due to so many Obsidians being at Camp Jeffries. The Cummins Creek hike, however, was even more desperate for bodies. Consequently, Denise Sevigny decided to consolidate her forces to ours. So half-a-dozen of us — all Obsidians, by the way — set out for the coast in two cars. We made a rest stop at the Gingerbread House near Mapleton, and were planning to have some refreshments as well. We grew weary of waiting for service, however, and departed. The weather was delightful all the way and we especially enjoyed our hike from the trailhead to Threemile Lake. This took us through a coastal forest of spruce and hemlock trees and vast fields of assorted ferns and giant skunk cabbage plants. After lunch we checked out the lake, which looked even better than usual. Then we cut through the dunes to the surf line. The absence of rain made the loose sand of the dunes very soft and difficult to negotiate. We anticipated with dread the climb back out to complete the loop. We found the ocean water a bilious green, presumably from algae content. Walking along on the wet surf sand was a pleasure, however, and we made good time ’til we reached the point where the marked trail resumes. At that juncture the trail is routed to circumvent a snowy plover nesting area so there was some additional slogging through soft sand to endure. We coped, nevertheless, for by this time we had thoughts of some B.J.’s ice cream in Florence to motivate our flagging steps. After dumping sand from our boots at trailhead, we followed through on our ice cream reverie before continuing homeward, and were back in Eugene by 4:45. Coast hikers were Max Brown, Genie Currier, Sandra Larsen, Margaret Malsch, Denise Sevigny and Vernon Barkhurst, leader.

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