Black Crater

July 26, 1997

Perfect weather at the trailhead, perfect weather on the way up, perfect weather at the top, and perfect views. At about the two-thirds mark there are some logs that provide a convenient resting place. At that point three hikers declared they would not try to summit, so the rest of the group pushed on. We lingered a long time at the top enjoying the vistas. The longer we stayed, the more people arrived until all of our group were at the top, much to their surprise and ours! An extra bit of interest was provided at the end of the day in the parking lot when one member drove off with hiking boots on the roof of the car. We managed to hail the car down just before it left the parking lot. A puzzled driver returned to the group wondering what the fuss was about. A grateful driver put the boots inside the car so they could continue their journey home. Hikers were Max Brown, Barbara Bruns, Tim Cook, Maggie Gontrum, John Hanby, Janice Jensen, Sandra Larsen, Richard Lemon, Elizabeth Meade, Karen, Lucy & Richard Rayle, and leader Richard Heinzkill.

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