Jones Trail

July 19, 1997

On this glorious sunny day, four of us drove to Bedrock Campground. Fall Creek trailhead was our starting point and is inside the campground (trailhead permit required). We trekked three-quarters of a mile east to the Jones Trail junction thus, we began a series of switchbacks. These were gradual to moderately steep as we gained the ridgeline. At one point, through a stamp-sized view, Little Cowhorn Mt. was to the N.E. We passed through lush ferned areas, huckleberries, huge trees and beneath canopies of vine maples. We stopped for lunch in a small, open hillside meadow with several varieties of beautiful wild flowers. We enjoyed an excellent view of Mt. June, Sawtooth Ridge and Hardesty Mt. as a hawk soared overhead. Anita chilled out here; we moved on. Due to a large tree over the trail, Rita turned back. Max and Gerry were bent on seeing the gnomes and elves in the fairy forest near the end of the trail. Alas, we saw nary a one, but both of us were convinced they were there watching us through miniature binoculars! The trail ended at Rd. 1817, 5.8 miles from the junction. We made our way back and met with Rita and Anita. Coming back, the trail appears different as the lighting changes. We enjoyed interesting arrays of unique spider webs and several varieties of mushrooms. At trails end Rita offered a treat of ice cold water melon. We all agreed it had been a most wonderful day — great company and stimulating conversation. Hikers were Anita Boutette, Max Brown, Rita Johnson and Gerry Roe (leader).

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