Opal Creek Wilderness

June 29, 1997

The rain all day Saturday changed the minds of some about hiking 10½ miles on Sunday, cutting the group from 25 to 16 (thank heaven!!). Again this year “The Opal Creek Wilderness & Preserve” pulled out all the stops. (Oh yes, it does not have official wilderness designation — therefore a group of 16 was OK). The day was fantastic. Every year I write about blue skies, green huge trees, and crystal clear water … well, it happened again. In fact it was hard to hike. Everyone kept stopping to admire the views. There was some serious blow-down from the 1,000-year-old cedars to Beachie Creek. Six of us decided to push through while the smart ones waited at the cedars. On the way back Palmore said, “Why not follow the creek instead of climbing over logs?” which several of us did. Much easier! Definite leadership skills there — is anyone paying attention? Thanks so much to Barb, Royal and Mary for driving. It’s a long haul. Also to a great group for sharing Opal Creek with a “sometimes” leader. Non-members were Pamela Edmonds, Doug Quirk and Craig Steinberg. Members: Susan Baker, Max Brown, Palmore Clark, Barb Elsen, Maggie Gontrum, Gloria Bunderson, Mary Holbert, Helen Liguori, Royal Murdock, Karen Meyers, Velma Shirk and Craig Weinerman. — Sharon Ritchie, sort-of-a-leader.

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