Twin Lakes

June 28, 1997

Five people arrived at my place in Roseburg with Wes at the wheel. Within a few minutes we headed up the North Umpqua Hwy. past Dry Creek to Marsters Bridge where we took a right turn onto a gravel service road #4770. From there it’s about 10 miles of up-hill to the parking lot at trail head. The trail was in good shape and the flowers were out. Our only problem was we never saw the sun and we all wore our coats. At the overlook at first we could hardly see the lakes below, but as we shivered and had lunch the clouds lifted enough to see them and look around some. Coming down to the lakes we walked around both. Some Scout group had built a shelter at the upper lake: it looks good and makes a nice camp site. A little sunshine would have been nice, but Gary enlightened us with his trip here a long, long time ago when it was about a nine-mile trail in; all up hill! Oh, it never rained on us on the trail but splattered the windshield when we left and poured down just before Roseburg. On this trip were: Wes Prouty, who did all the leg-work for me in Eugene (thanks, Wes), Ed Lichtenstein, Sheila Ward, Gary & Lee Kirk, plus Lloyd Plaisted, leader.

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