McKenzie River Trail

June 21, 1997

It was the kind of day that gives hiking a bad name. Nevertheless, a dozen of us set forth hoping for better than forecasts and conditions warranted. En route a doozy of a squall was encountered which prompted us to get into our rain gear at the trailhead. Since it was also quite cool, the extra garments felt pretty good. Our hike began at Clear Lake after dropping a shuttle car at Trail Bridge Dam. Hiking down grade we soon reached Sahalie and Koosah Falls in turn. Short viewing stops were made at each. Both were spectacular with a large volume of water creating quite a roar. We stopped short of Tamolitch Pool for lunch, settling for a nice dry canopied forest area. Next we passed through the area where the trail was blocked last year by a jumble of fallen trees. We were impressed with the amount of work which has taken place to make that section passable again. When we reached Tamolitch Pool the rain had stopped and a bit later the sun came out, prompting us to take off our rain gear. Unfortunately, another shower soon forced us to put it all back on! This cycle repeated itself again before we reached our objective. We arrived convinced that while the highway mileage clocks at eight miles, the trail mileage is closer to nine. Those who made this wonderful hike under “less than desirable conditions” were: Susan Bacon, Max Brown, Eunhee Chon, Genie Currier, Nioma Jolin, Joanne Ledet, Bonnie Ledford, Chuck & Sandy Reul, Juli Squires, Sheila Ward and Vernon Barkhurst, leader.

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