Sweet Creek Falls

June 14, 1997

A variety of blooming wild flowers and singing birds were distributed along the segments of trail that make up this hike. Located along Sweet Creek and Sweet Creek Road near Mapleton, the trail follows a tumbling creek named after the family that homesteaded in the area in the 1800s. The trail has very little elevation change but the creek has many falls and rocky areas. Several species of ferns, large specimens probably resulting from the extra rain this year, and huge skunk cabbage are everywhere. A young dipper preened himself while waiting for food. Mom hadn’t shown him how to get in that fast moving water yet! Remnants of the old Wagon Road are still visible. With the large rhododendrons, vine maples, large trees and steep terrain, it is remarkable that people were able to travel with animals and wagons. Enjoying the lovely day were Susan Baker, Genie Currier, Jim Fritz, Janet Hall, Mary Millman, John O’Leary, Dick & Lucy Rayle, Doreen Waggoner, Sheila Ward, Margee Wright and Sylvia Harvey (leader).

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