Pool (plus Salt, Diamond & Lower Diamond) Creek Falls

June 13, 1997

What a wonderful trip: good weather and tremendous scenery! Pool Creek Falls is a virtually unheard of waterfall off Hills Creek Road (FS Rd. 23). The short trail passes through steep mountainsides and winds among giant trees. The waterfall sheets over a glacial cirque. The trail allows you to get behind it. From Pool Creek we traveled on an old logging road through a blackened ghost forest to the top of Kitson Ridge, from where there is a commanding view of the Willamette Canyon. All the streams were running full. From Salt Creek Falls we traveled among blooming rhodies to a vista point where we got a great view of lower Diamond Creek Falls. Then we proceeded to upper Diamond Creek Falls. We viewed it from the foot as well as from a high vista point. The only thing wrong with this trip was the low sign-up and some cancellations, so that Lucille Peterson and I, Jean Ridone (leader), made up the group.

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