May 23, 1997

Hiking the Oregon Coast with the wind and sun behind us, the ocean in constant sound and motion, the temperature mild, the beach nearly empty of human beings, but sandpipers, gulls, avocets — or could they have been curlews, stilts? — greenback swallows, even a bald eagle close to you, the 6½-mile stroll with a group of pleasant people was an enjoyable and beautiful experience, good for body and soul. At lunch time we even had entertainment by a stout man in baggy pants, a long beard and bare feet, who walked to the edge of the water moving driftwood along his way, going back and forth carrying the wood in a pattern that left us all wondering what was the meaning of it all. We just enjoyed, got wet feet crossing the streams, and did not really care, did we! People who shared this coast trip were Eileen Alvstad, Wendy Clarke, Gloria Gunderson, Peter Howison, Chris & Dale Kramarge, Mary Millman, Lucille Peterson, Dick & Lucy Rayle, Ivan Vandeberg, Margee Wright and leader Birgitte Williams.

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