Finley Wildlife Refuge

May 16, 1997

It felt good to be exploring the Refuge on a warm, sunny day. Our leisurely tour started at the Muddy Creek Trail. The riparian natural forest along the creek is a most unusual ecosystem. Next a stop on the Applegate Trail, the big red barn, Refuge HQ and a walk along Cabell Marsh. Lunch was along the Woodpecker Loop Trail, followed by a short hike to the old quarry and the Beaver Pond off Bruce Road. At the Junction City DQ the eight of us — Gordon Lawrence, Natalie Morgan, Lucille Peterson, Sylvia Stead, Karen Walton, Michael Wherley, Herbert Whitman and Dot Leland (leader) — shared what we liked best about the day: “The birds and the bees (we saw a huge swarm of bees), wild flowers, ant hills, golden chain tree and a feeling of peace and quiet being in the woods with such pleasant company.”

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