Dog Creek Indian Caves

May 10, 1997

The road to the closest trailhead to the Dog Creek Indian Caves hasn’t been open in May since 1994. I schedule this trip for early May because of the wild flowers, especially the rare Kalmiopsis leachiana. Because of the road closure, we had to make a cross-country jaunt of about a mile and a half of the six mile total. Cross country hiking is nothing like trail hiking. Crawling over logs time after time on a steep hillside is much more strenuous than most people imagine. A mile of cross country hiking takes at least as much stamina as two miles of trail hiking and sometimes much more. We were fortunate to have beautiful weather. There were lots of Kalmiopsis blooming at the cave along with calypso orchids, fawn lilies, Indian paintbrush, larkspur, snow queen and other flowers along the trail. I want to make a special thanks to our two drivers, Becky Hansen and Fran Uknavage. My other companions were Bill Bilbrough, Gloria Gunderson, Janet Hall, Rita Johnson, Dixie Minkler, and Ivan Vandeberg. Leader: Anne Montgomery.

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