Little North Santiam

April 20, 1997

Six out of nine signees were game to challenge the forecast showers. So we all boarded Bill Prentice’s vehicle and settled in for the two-hour ride to the Little North Santiam. The showers let up, as we spotted the “brown post” marking the trailhead, but some still suited up in raingear. We walked in sight of the river for most of the hike, looking down on a rapidly moving green mass of water in high water stage. We saw trillium, calypso orchids, yellow violets, a waterfall, and a couple of beautiful side creeks cascading down the steep slope before the trail started up. After the fairly short, but also fairly steep, ascent we stopped for lunch on a lookout bench of rock partially carpeted by moss and fawn lilies. The sky opened up and sprinkled on us just as we got to our destination point: three pools of emerald green water connected by cascades today totally submerged in the high water! As there was no shoreline above water to explore, we turned around here to retrace our steps back over the hump, where we stopped for another snack and another look across the canyon. The remainder of our trip was uneventful, but serenely satisfying as we revisited the wildflowers met before, and found new ones silently punctuating the damp greenness. The six Obsidians on this adventure were Eliot Aronin, Rita Johnson, Royal Murdock, Bill & Margaret Prentice and trip leader Clare Tucker.

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