Lower McKenzie River

March 27, 1997

The worse the weather, the better the hike is what I always say. The rain held off until we were on our way back to Eugene (the best hike to Belknap Springs I ever led was in a cold drizzle). It was still a bit nippy, with nary a trillium in sight, on this Thursday, March 27 hike on the McKenzie River National Scenic Trail from the McKenzie Ranger Station four miles to Belknap Springs Resort and back. That made it a pretty good 8-mile hike. The colder it is, the more attractive the thought of lolling an hour in the hot pool of Belknap, so the snow high up on the hills on the other side of the river added to our eager anticipation. A few of the 13 in the group, in true Obsidian spirit, opted to hike some more during the hour that we softies hung in the hot water. At Mom’s I decided on a bowl of their soup du jour of the day, as I’ve heard it described once, Spanish tomato soup, cold (“we could zap it for you”), with homemade bread, $3.75, plus thin highway coffee (it did keep me awake, though). It was Mom’s pies for most of the others, the out-of-season frozen fruit notwithstanding. A rooster stood outside the sliding glass door on one leg and watched us eat. Hikers were Susan Baker, Mary Ann Hastings, Sandra Larsen, Helen Liguori, Mary Millman, Dick Mulligan, Ralph Oliver, Julian Peñaloza, Lucy Rayle, Joyce Smith, Herbert Whitman and Helmut Plant (leader).

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