Upper Fall Creek

March 25, 1997

Although only 4.7 miles long, the Upper Fall Creek Trail on Tuesday, March 25 definitely was worth a “Q” to the seven non-members braving their way gingerly across a huge log only to find most of the footing gone on the other side, with nothing between the heel of the boot and Fall Creek but a 100-foot drop. A long time ago the log had crashed down a steep slope. The Forest Service had cut steps into it to guide hikers to the continuation trail carved out of the steep hill on the other side of the log. Late in fall, when I crawled across it myself, there was plenty of exposure, but at least the tread on the other side of the log was still there. Much of it isn’t anymore, washed down into the creek by a recent mud slide. Someone asked me if I had a cellular phone in my pack, to call for help if someone should fall into the creek a hundred feet below. But no accidents of any kind marred a hike in gorgeous spring weather along what may be the most remote and challenging and also perhaps the most beautiful of the four segments of the Fall Creek Trail, from the upper trailhead at Road #1833 to where we had spotted my car at Road #1828. On this “Q” hike were Rocio Banderas, Max Brown, Mary Ann Hastings, B.J. Jordan (a surprise show-up at the parking lot), Mary Millman, Julian Peñaloza, Celia Scott, Nola Shurtleff, Janice Sonnenfeld, Herbert Whitman and Helmut Plant (trip leader).

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