Luecks’ Cross-Country Bike Odyssey

October 24, 1997

The 46 people at our October 24 Potluck experienced a very personal cross-country bike trip that Dennis Lueck and his brother Scott started in May. Dennis held us spellbound with his recollections and pictures of this great experience which took the two young men two months to complete.

With Dennis’ keen observations and sense of humor it was a delightful rendering, yet laced with moments of danger in Utah where they were rescued at the most tense moment by a State trooper, and well cared for by troopers until completely safe in Salt Lake City! They ended up by being “rescued” on the last few miles to the Atlantic coast inside a police car, and barely averted a night on the wrong side of the bars!

Kansas was their favorite State of all. Maybe they felt the Magic of Oz?

Birgitte Williams

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