William S. Sullivan’s Southern Oregon Hikes

May 23, 1997

A full house of Obsidians appeared bearing the usual feast for the inner man (and woman, too, of course!); and after dinner Bill Sullivan presented a sumptuous menu for the “outer man”, as catalogued in his new book, “100 Hikes in Southern Oregon”.

Southern Oregon trails are relatively uncrowded and offer some unique experiences. For example: the rare white-tail deer, the spectacular (and also rare) Cascade lily, hot and cold springs in proximity, a waterfall with no inlet or exit stream, a fire lookout station with a cupola, etc. And, of course, the Kalmiopsis Wilderness is unrivaled in its diversity of plant species and geological features.

Bill also ferrets out overlooked side trails. For example: the trail to the summit of Wizard Island in Crater Lake; and the trail that parallels the Pacific Crest (in the Sky Lakes Wilderness) and is crowded with little gems of lakes that are not at all visible from the Crest Trail!

Bill’s obvious affection for the land and his sense of humor made for a rewarding evening. One can only wonder — how many pairs of boots has this fellow worn out?

Bep Fontana

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