Russ Carpenter: ”Bhutan“

March 28, 1997

About 60 Obsidians and guests were captivated by Russ Carpenter’s account (an obvious labor of love) of his trip to Bhutan at the March 28 Potluck at the Lodge.

We were called to order with a blast on a Bhuddist temple horn!

This tiny country (about the size of Switzerland), which lies in the pincer grip of China and India, has survived cultural and armed assault from outside its borders to maintain remarkable integrity. This is in part due to the rugged Himalayan terrain deterrent to invasion.

Bhutan is a model of ecological responsibility, and has no crime and, by edict of the king, no TV (could there be a link here?). The tiny villages clinging to the hillsides, the distinctive architecture and the Bhutanese PG-rated attitude (which we would rate R) regarding the phallus provided unique visual treats. Perhaps the Bhutanese character is molded by their fiery diet, rich in red peppers!

Bep Fontana

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