Three Fingered Jack

September 27, 1997

The forecast for possible afternoon clearing was the only positive weather factor as we started out for Three Fingered Jack on an otherwise cloudy, cool day. Because of limited visibility we nearly walked past the turn-off for the South Ridge route. As 6,500 ft. was reached, we met fresh snow fallen from the previous day. By the time we were on the ridge, snow and heavy deposits of rime ice covered most surfaces. Our concern grew with each step that the “crawl” and summit block would be too iced-up to climb. Fortunately, sunshine began to contribute warmth and melting just as we reached the “crawl”. To our surprise the “crawl” was dry and climbing was done without difficulty. On to the summit block and enough dry rock to reach the top as the predicted clearing produced glorious views and turned what had seemed to be a winter climb back to an early fall treat for Richard Lemon, Jeff Boersema, Doug Quirk and Harold Thompson (leader).

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