Three Fingered Jack

August 3, 1997

Six of us gathered on Saturday afternoon for the drive to the top of Santiam Pass. The weather was fine and the mosquitoes bearable for a night of sleeping under trees and stars at the PCNST trailhead. We rose early and started at first light on the long hike toward the mountain. I could not have asked for a finer day or a better group. They made the hike a pleasure and everyone climbed the exposed upper ridge and summit pinnacle with confidence and skill. We were glad for our early start as numerous other climbers waited behind us while we took turns enjoying the tremendous view and pulse quickening drop from one of the most dramatic summits in the Oregon Cascades. The descent was facilitated by the use, graciously offered, of fixed ropes placed by the climbers who followed us. I was glad to have that extra protection as I brought our equipment back down at the “Crawl”. The good weather held while we enjoyed good company and endured sore feet on the hike back to the cars. Thanks to Karl Kriegh for his able assistance and to everyone who helped make such a fun and successful day. Climbers were Brian Hoyland, Karl Kriegh, Shawn Lockery, Karen Platt, Jake Tate and Doug Nelson (leader).

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