Mt. Washington

July 19, 1997

Friday night was the usual luxury of a car camp at the Pacific Crest trailhead, Big Lake. This climb was just picture perfect. Great weather and almost no wind in the notch, which simplified rope tossing from the rappel point. The climbers were all over qualified for the difficulties of this route, and none of them had climbed Washington before. The climb involved variations the leader tends to work into the climb (like an exit variation that keeps you from getting hit by rockfall in the gully below the “notch”). Even though the climb was on Saturday, there were a lot of climbers on the mountain, which makes rockfall a possible problem. Don’t we just love the rotten rock we play in, on and around in the Oregon Cascades!!! Climbers were Shawn Lockery, Mona Duprey, Julian Peñaloza, Jeff Boersema and Ed Lovegren (leader).

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