Mt. Thielsen

July 12, 1997

This diverse group of mountaineers endured the long approach drive, hungry mosquitoes and a few patches of snow on this climb of 9,182-ft. Mt. Thielsen. Above treeline on the Southwest Ridge we found dry trail and climbed quickly to the ledge known as Chicken Point. The climbers confidently scaled the 80-ft. summit pinnacle using a fixed rope for protection. Our large group split into two groups as the small summit would not safely accommodate all ten of us at once. We marveled at the fulgurites that dot the summit and were thankful for the lack of the thunderstorms that created those glassy scars. The warm, sunny afternoon allowed time for all ten climbers to visit the summit. We descended back into clouds of mosquitoes that forced us to keep moving along on our trip back to the cars. It was a wonderful day for this strong group of climbers: Bill Cox, Debbey Loos, Ron Mitchell, Doug Nelson, Julian Peñaloza, Doug Quirk, Amy Reiss, Dick Snyder, Pete Suttmeier and Brian Hoyland, leader.

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