Mt. Yoran

May 3, 1997

Some days just aren’t meant for a climb! With rain falling during the morning and visibility which never allowed for even a glimpse of Mt. Yoran, our destination, this was one such day. With forced smiles and heavy packs, our group slogged from Salt Creek SnoPark south over trail and snow toward Vivian Lake. Skis were mostly carried until Fall Creek Falls. There, conditions allowed for good skiing to the lake. Our group motivation to summit Mt, Yoran lessened with each foot of elevation gained past Vivian Lake. Deep snow, steep slopes and lousy weather took their toll. Three members retreated while Joshua and Harold pushed on to the ridge just west of Mt. Yoran. With still no view of our goal we also called it a day … and headed for the cars. A check at the trailhead showed all membeis still able to show their smiles and agree that the day had at least offered a good workout. Climber wan-na-bes were Joshua Ladau, Bob Lemon, Anne McLucas, Brian Hoyland and Harold Thompson (leader).

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