Wildlife Safari & Camas Valley

September 16, 1997

We Obsidians became re-acquainted with wildlife at the Wildlife Safari, near Winston. We had a step-on guide for our first tour through the park, then went back through a second time on our own. All were amazed on the second time through how the animals had moved around. Even saw some new ones that had not been visible the first time round. Some of us had our picnic lunches with us, while others ate at the White Rhino Restaurant. After lunch we traveled west toward Camas Valley and Gunyon Crook’s Wild Animal Theme Park. Gunyon met the bus, giving us some history of the park, then took us on a guided tour of the animals. The animals were very friendly, especially “Honky Tonk Donkey”. We toured his “log cabin” and the finale was sitting on the deck watching the animals hurrying in for a special feeding. The Obsidians were thrilled to see how the animals mingled and ate. We kicked a little mud off our shoes before boarding the bus. Ewart Baldwin gave us a wonderful geology lesson as we wound along the by-ways toward Sutherlin. Of course, there was a short delay at Rice Hill! Everyone seemed to enjoy the day communing with the animals. Good picture taking occurred, I hear.

Riders were: Ethel Allen, Ewart & Margaret Baldwin, Glendora Burbank, Ingrid Carmichael, Mary Lee Cheadle, Clair Cooley, William Eaton, Bette Hack, Flora Mae & Herman Hendershott, Linda Hubbard, Rosella Jones, Virginia Kapsa, Dodie Leppmann, Norm Lumian, Grace Miller, Mary Millman, Frances Newsom, Virginia Prouty, Jean Tate, Christy White and Liz Reanier, leader.

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