Crescent Lake

December 25, 1996

In my 26-year association with The Obsidians, there is a characteristic I have noticed in many of my fellow participants: the ability to enjoy an activity in adverse conditions. Bob Haberman, Josh Ladau, Van Likes, Ed Meservey and Sue Wolling all proved to me on Christmas Day that they have this quality in spades! As my companions on the Fifth Annual Christmas Day Cross-Country Ski Trip, they all had the opportunity to exhibit this trait and passed this test with flying colors! Yes, for the first time the Christmas outing encountered rain, that dreaded scourge of all skiers. The packed snow on the trails we skied was still in adequate condition, but the light rain and cold south-west wind persisted throughout the six-mile trip. I used a trail through the woods along the lake that kept us out of the wind most of the time, but there was nothing I could do about the rain. After two years that have broken the existing yearly precipitation records, Crescent Lake was the highest level I’ve seen it in the years I’ve been leading this trip. In spite of the weather we got our exercise, burned off some of the calories from some of those holiday treats, and enjoyed the fellowship of our companions. We shared a festive spirit and experienced peace in the forest. A special thanks to Sue Wolling, who volunteered to provide and drive the other automobile. — Anne Montgomery (leader).

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