Midnight Lake

March 3, 1996

Serendipity is the attitude for making desirable, unplanned discoveries. Because of drizzly weather at Gold Lake SnoPark, the take-off point to Midnight Lake, four of us continued over Willamette Pass summit looking for drier conditions. We climbed into our raingear at Crescent Lake SnoPark and optimistically followed Ray “just over the next ridge”, Mikesell’s directions towards Fawn Lake. For three hours we climbed gradually through forests and over more than one ridge to the lake and lunch. This is an easier trail into Fawn Lake than the one from Odell Lake Lodge. On the way out, we were rewarded with patches of blue skies and glimpses of actual sunshine as we glided down the gentle trail that we had arduously climbed so recently. Near trail’s end, Ray admitted that this was his favorite ski trail and left the rest of us wondering if this was truly serendipity at work or just Ray controlling the weather to his own ends. What isn’t a mystery is that the three Obsidians and one newcomer who enjoyed this resurrected trip were Helen Liguori, Ray Mikesell, Rebecca Kemnitz and Mike Landes (leader).

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