Mt. Ray

January 27, 1996

We made it to Mt. Ray. Not the top, as was planned, but at least to the base. Several feet of fresh snow with more coming down most of the day kept our group of eight busy breaking trail the entire approach. The trip started at Willamette Pass since the Gold Lake SnoPark was under too much snow to enter. Trading trail-breaking chores past Gold Lakes and on the Waldo Lake Road brought us to the base of Mt. Ray about 12:00 pm. A cold, quick lunch and a short climb up the lower slopes of Ray was as far as we could go before time and conditions dictated a return. The way back was much quicker on our broken trail and 4:00 brought us to the cars and the end of a very snowy but fun ski trip for Joshua Ladau, Sue Sullivan, Andrew McIvor, Anne McLucas, Bob Lemon, Steve Goins, Van Likes and Harold Thompson, leader.

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