Little Nash

January 21, 1996

I had already written “Canceled” across the description of the Circle Lake ski trip — figured I would lead a hike on the coast instead. In fact, I had sent my ski boots off to be repaired, and taken the snow tires off. So of course we got snow! And what a lot of it! Unfortunately, our two cars of eager snow seekers got turned back from Santiam Pass … no chains! One needs chains with studded tires? (You never stop learning.) Well, there was plenty of snow everywhere, so we headed for Maxwell SnoPark. Unfortunately, there was no way to get in! (We’re talking a lot of snow.) We had noticed on the way up that Ikenick was still full of snow also. Should we park on the highway and hope the snow plows don’t bury us? Would we get a ticket? Could it be we had driven all the way up here (very carefully), to more snow than we could believe, and wouldn’t be able to find a place to ski because we could not find a place to park the car! We headed for the maintenance parking lot to ask if we could park there. No need, a snow plow was headed for Little Nash — and so were we. By this time, we didn’t care what the trail was like, beginner, difficult, long, short — there was knee-deep snow everywhere … let’s just do it! The seven skiers finally emerging from the cars were Barbara Bruns, Paul Charpentier, Allen DeBuler, Chuck Mitchell, Anne Montgomery, Leigh Williams and Clare Tucker (leader). Luckily for us, three energetic youths beat us to the trailhead and joyously broke trail!

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