Sutton Creek Loop

January 14, 1996

Getting wet walking on an Obsidian hike is fun?!! Thirteen hikers walking on the Sutton Creek loop on January 14 were soaked but “weathered” the rain happily. Sutton Creek has a great loop trail following both sides of the very meandering stream. The trail meanders as well through heavy vegetation (including fast-growing gorse), coast pines, sand dunes and thankfully a covered shelter near the Holman overlook used for our lunch break. Maps of the trail are posted in several locations. Occasionally, however, there are places where there seems to be a choice of direction, and it would be helpful to have an identifying sign. We walked the trail as a figure eight, crossing Sutton Creek (over a bridge) at the Meadow, location of a once-upon-a-time home site. A great group of hikers included Barbara Chinn, Clarke & Genie Palmore, Rita Johnson, Vi Johnson, Anne Dhu McLucas, Mary Millman, Anne Montgomery, Doug Quirk, Jean Skinner, Ivan Vandeberg, Joanne Vinton and leader Mary Ellen West.

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