Mt. Yoran

October 13, 1996

Sometimes these autumn outings seem much more like winter ones! Today was such a day. The weather in Eugene was cloudy, dark, but surprisingly mild. In the Cascades, the first two adjectives applied, but certainly not the last; it was icy cold, wet (even some snowfall) and windy (up on Yoran). But that never stopped Obsidians (and some unsuspecting nonmembers, too!) from hiking anyway. We covered the distance without much lingering around to enjoy beautiful Divide Lakes, or the non-existent view at the summit. Kind of a power-walkers’ hike with an early return to Eugene. Unlike last year when we lunched at the summit and picked quarts of huckleberries on the way out. Oh well, all weather is good weather if your attitude is right — and you happened to have brought those extra clothes you’re supposed to have for days like this! My fellow, cheerful, winter weather resistant hikers were George Baitinger, Susan Baker, Kurt Cyrus, Eric Gomez, Bob Lemon, Rita Johnson, Melinda Kreigh, Ray Mikesell, Rob Perzel and Joanne Vinton. Bill Montgomery, leader.

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