Wildwood Falls & Rujada C.G.

October 12, 1996

Bob Devine led the group to meet the leader at Mile Post 6 on Row River near Dorena Lake. The weather was cloudy, a little cool, but weather reports said no rain till afternoon. We went along our merry way, stopping to look at work on the covered bridge at the end of the lake, and again to view Wildwood Falls. Not much water flowing compared to other times of the year. We had our lunch in the pretty campground at Rujada. It is officially closed for the season, but we can go around the gate with the bikes. Not long after leaving, those drops began to fall and we stopped at the falls again to put on raingear. The temperature was mild and the rain not heavy, so we had a pleasant ride back. Most of the group came up to Shirley’s log house to see it and have a cup of tea and cookies. Enjoying the trip were David Becker, Bob Devine, John Pilafian, Gerry Roe and leader Shirley Froyd.

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