Diamond View Lake

September 29, 1996

A clear fall day and very warm temperatures. We made our lunch stop at Diamond View Lake. We saw not only Diamond Peak, but some of us were lucky enough to see two Bald Eagles gliding by headed towards Odell Lake. As usual the second half of this trip offers the cooler, moist environment that is so different from the dry east side. The bridge at Trapper Creek is still out, but they have made use of a log by flattening its top surface. This log is upstream from the original bridge (it has a little bounce as you cross!). I did a quick check on the land-locked salmon that spawn this time of year at the west end of Odell. They are starting, but mid to late October is the time to go. The place is a small stream and pond where the road dead-ends. Hikers were Bev Halter, Marc Hansen, Helen Liguori, Barbara Schula, Joanne Vinton, Bryan Wilson and Jane Hackett (leader).

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