Lowder Mountain

September 29, 1996

It was a warm, fall day and perfect for hiking. Lowder Mountain and the views were spectacular, with miles of vistas, unending fall colors and fun, happy people. Some of us meandered down to Quaking Aspen Meadow to see several (maybe five) large Quaking Aspens on a nearby hillside. If I could have, I would have stayed atop Lowder instead of going to work on Monday! Most, however, wanted to get back so they’d be ready for Monday on the job. Velma is a constant reminder to me about the joys of retirement … which I eagerly await. Hikers were Dick & Lucy Rayle, David & Caitlen Rhoads, Max Brown, Rita Johnson, Velma Shirk, Margaret Malsch, Liz DeShetler, Sandra Lewis, Rebecca Hansen, Valdas, Rolanda & Gabriella Anelauskas; Nola Shurtleff, Todd Coleman, Heiner Walden and trip leader Diane Jeffcott.

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