Rosary Lakes

September 11, 1996

The trip to South Waldo Shelter was changed to a hike into Rosary Lakes. This seemed like a good idea because the forest fires at North Waldo were still not under control. Smoky air had no appeal at all, I reasoned. On the way to our destination we had heavy, slow traffic with road construction adding to our delay and resulting in our arrival time at the trailhead being much later than I had hoped. So-o-o, we walked with haste to the first lake for our lunch, which was a little late, but the tardiness, the three-mile walk and a wonderful view can transform even the most lowly lunch into a heavenly repast! It was a beautiful setting and well worth the wait. Adding to our pleasure was perfect hiking weather and the usual congenial group. Interesting conversation flowed freely in all directions. There were twelve of us in all, two of which were young people from Japan who enjoyed meeting each other as they were not acquainted previously. They were happy to be out in the forest in Oregon and were grateful to be sharing our good time. Some of the people were disappointed at not seeing the devastation of the fire, so we decided that instead of lingering at Rosary, we would take a side trip to North Waldo Lake Campground to look over that situation. It was a nice stop, but we were not really able to see what we had come for. A Ranger told us that there were over a hundred firefighters in the area, but we only saw a few of them. We could smell the smoke, but it didn’t permeate the air or sting our nostrils. Our dozen hikers included three much-appreciated drivers, Volney Kelm, Helen Liguori and Bill Morse. Our efficient and dependable “sweep” was Norm Benton. New Japanese friends were Tomokazu Mori and Yumiko Ochiai, followed by five gracious hikers, Marjorie Kelm, Mary Millman, Dixie Minkler, Lucile Peterson and Margee Wright behind a breathless leader, Lois Morse.

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